Without inspiration there are no stories. Sources of inspiration varies among people. Why did a visit to the modern art museum inspire me to write instead of a trip with my host family? I don’t know. I have been visiting many of the museums in the past couple of days. Each one tells us many different stories. Of people and things, of victories and defeats, of hate and love. However all of them have one thing in common. They are about the past. It is important to remember our past, everything we have experienced and been a part of. Everything that has shaped us to be who we are. People remember it in different ways. Pictures, books, and sometimes just memory. Sometimes it makes us happy and sometimes it upsets us. Sometimes you want to go back and relive a little bit of it. But I’m sure all of us have memories that we want to run from. The ones we wish we didn’t remember. I wish i could erase mine. But we all have to live with them. The best thing we could do is learn from it. I’m trying to do this I hope you are too.