Battling Emotions

I know it has been long since my last post but I was not sure what to write about because I was experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. It started with unhappiness, having to say goodbye to all of the other exchange students, very close friends, from all around the world some of whom […]

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Running alongside the seconds

My orientation last weekend, went very well. Knowing all the exchange students beforehand only made it better. There is something about 60 students around the age of 17 with big dreams and so much passion for life all under the same roof. Enjoying every second knowing that we will never get them back, just trying […]

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Without inspiration there are no stories. Sources of inspiration varies among people. Why did a visit to the modern art museum inspire me to write instead of a trip with my host family? I don’t know. I have been visiting many of the museums in the past couple of days. Each one tells us many […]

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Second orientation

Yep we just had our second orientation in Paris. It’s is a beautiful city and having one hundred exchange students with me just made the entire trip better. We visited many tourist attractions and took a billon pictures. However no matter how hard we try soon all of this will be over. We take as […]

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Celebrating Differences

Hello….just got back from my first orientation. It took place over this weekend in Strasbourg, Germany. We went to this climbing resort with various activities like sports tracks and a few courts. There were around 57 other exchange students with me and a few Rotex. The highlight of the weekend was the people for me. […]

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Something somewhere

Everyone in this world wants to do something big and become somebody great. However only very few people succeed. Everyone talks about the people that do. They are appreciated, spoken about, respected and honored. But what about the people that don’t, what about the ones that tried and failed. Maybe they just didn’t get lucky. […]

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Well I made it

I landed in Berlin and experienced my first day here. I have to say I did get homesick. But my host sister really did help me through it. We went for a walk in the evening and saw some of the famous places in Berlin. It is a very beautiful city and also very large. […]

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