Running alongside the seconds

My orientation last weekend, went very well. Knowing all the exchange students beforehand only made it better. There is something about 60 students around the age of 17 with big dreams and so much passion for life all under the same roof. Enjoying every second knowing that we will never get them back, just trying to laugh as much as possible and live in the moment. We still don’t know what it’s like to have to stand on our own two feet. Alone against the entire world that is filled with challenges, trying to find where we belong in it. Right now we have our family but in the next five years it will be our turn for better or for worse. So right now we need to enjoy this precious time we have and use it to prepare ourselves. Make ourselves better, stronger and braver. I think this exchange is doing just that. Like a trailer for a movie. Giving us a glimpse of some of the best and worst parts but never revealing the whole picture.

20 thoughts on “Running alongside the seconds

  1. Great blog Megs! Thoughtfully written with great anticipation and positivity. Keep that spirit and you will certainly have a great future! 😘

  2. As you said this short period is like a trailer…. but a good exposure… Belated birthday wishes… looking forward to see you Megh….

  3. Great and thoughtful words Meghu. Respect!
    A wise person of age couldn’t express it better!
    Go on or what your mom wrote: Rock you babe;-)!
    You will find your way, for sure!

  4. It’s fantastic to see so much clarity in your thoughts at this age megs!! It will defn only get better 5 years from now!!! Have fun!! See you soon!!

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