Battling Emotions

I know it has been long since my last post but I was not sure what to write about because I was experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. It started with unhappiness, having to say goodbye to all of the other exchange students, very close friends, from all around the world some of whom I may never see again. Then came nervousness of having to come back to my old life and my city and see everyone. Happiness was next enjoying my return and starting school again. However these emotions come to me in cycles. Sometimes these cycles last for a month or sometimes all in just a day. We got to learn how to deal with these emotions all in a positive way because they could effect the decisions we make for ourselves and we have to make sure we don’t let them blind us from what we really want. Don’t stop dreaming big because you might fail or don’t quit cause you may not succeed.

5 thoughts on “Battling Emotions

  1. I can feel your emotions. It’s really expressed in a passive manner. Enjoyed it very much. 👍

  2. Meghu you are a mature young lady, we are so impressed by you and not least by your ability to express yourself.
    Love mormor and morfar

  3. Aww that’s so profound Meghu!! Never stop dreaming and don’t quit..way to go👍🏻


  4. I’ll probably feel the same way once I’m done with college for good , so I’ll take this as a warning

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