Celebrating Differences

Hello….just got back from my first orientation. It took place over this weekend in Strasbourg, Germany. We went to this climbing resort with various activities like sports tracks and a few courts. There were around 57 other exchange students with me and a few Rotex. The highlight of the weekend was the people for me. Everyone was very different and yet very similar. Let me explain that statement. Exchange students come from all around the world but with the same goal. We are from many different countries but are going through the same set of emotions . We are all trying to get learn the language here and fit in with everyone else. While doing so we also understand that we stand out no matter how hard we try and learn to embrace that difference. It is good to be unique and not like everyone else around you. Everyone is different and so are you in your own way. Once everyone understands that, their exchange year will become better than it already is.